Splendid Red Trousers is born

In the era of American influence we often forget the small things in life. The obsession with doing everything on a grand scale, talking about the bigger picture, waking up and smelling the bloody coffee.

I have no interest in that.

I want to arise and gently sip a cup of Earl Grey. Observe the smaller, some may say, more peculiar items on God’s green earth. Neglecting the large scale world is naive, but far more interesting to me. Quite frankly I know more about coloured chinos, horse racing, irreverent ramblings about my London than government goings on and the banking crisis.

I will offer up my thoughts on just about anything. I will endeavour to write as often as possible. However, like the great Geoffrey Barnard, a few too many ‘gin and tonics’ may well get the better of me and I will post as “unwell”….

Book reviews, posts on my shuffling around town, recipes, racing tips, and musings on cricket will all be in low demand yet will be highly documented. This is an indulgent blog, But it will hopefully be received by a warm and embracing audience. A loyal readership with like minded English sensibilities.

Keep the flag flying.


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