Omelette – Not a lot of people know that 

Sometimes, in this show we call life it is the simple things that furnishes one with the most pleasure; A walk with the dog along an undemonstrative coast, watching a determined lizard sashaying up a stucco wall on a hot holiday, or the pastoral smell of an end-of-season cricket jumper.

With simplicity baying like a languid chum I remember with fondness the omelette scene in the the spy film, the Ipcress File. The film’s protagonist Harry Palmer, played with expert economy by Sir Michael Cane, seduces a colleague with nothing more than adeptly knocked together french omelette and a glass of red wine, which was probably French.

Sidney J.Furie’s stellar cinematography awakens the author Len Deignton’s prose with a perfect clarity. Dear old Len, himself a food writer, describes the cooking and preparation of the mundane three-egg omelette in an almost sensual manner. 

Caine, for his part, rolls up his sleeves with a military precision and adroitly sets-up the omelette station. His ability to crack an egg in one hand and seduce the damsel with his bespectacled gaze makes him a Colossi of bachelors.

I love omelettes and often have them as meal for one three times a week. A soft achromatic French omelette rolled like a cigar mind, not a grease laden brown bottomed rubber semi-circular job with diced bacon that us slack-jawed English deem to be nutritious. 

If one has a figure that is inclined to embonpoint, then an increase in omelette intake could result in the unfathomable weight-loss that many strive for! 

Classic French Omelette

1 banana shallot 

Curly Parsley

3 free range eggs 

S and p

Veg. oil  

1. An omelette is a culinary accident waiting to happen. To avoid such a messy incident prepare everything assiduously.

2. Chop one quarter of the shallot as small as on can and leave aside. Chop a pinch of parsley as fine as dust and leave in reserve.

3. Place a non-stick frying pan on the hob and allow it to blaze away on full heat for a couple of minutes. 

4. Meanwhile, like the fore mentioned Mr.Palmer crack three eggs, using one hand or two, into a bowl. 

5. Add the salt and pepper, then methodically beat with a fork.

6. Put a drop of oil on the pan.

7. Holding the bowl of eggs in one hand and a plastic spatula in the other – pour the eggs and scramble them.

8. Move the pan back and forward and mix the spatula from left to right, rather like rubbing your belly and patting your head.. Once the omelette has formed and is holding but still a little underdone, add the shallots and parsley.

9. Peel the alabaster omelette slowly from the pan with sensitivity a fresh Cohiba would be rolled on the thighs of a virgin in Havana. 


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